Past Events

2/02/2023 DJ Hachey, Evergreen, CO

1/19-21/2023 Flutur Colorado Tour

1/19/2023 KVO/ Flutur, Evergreen, CO

Josh.O 1/5/2023, Evergreen, CO

12/03/2022 Not Dead Yet, Denver, CO

08/27/2022 Shine Music Festival, Denver, CO

08/27/2022 Sunset: Shine Music Festival after party

06/18/2022 Summer Daze Broomfield, CO

4/9/2022 Spring Get Down,  Fort Collins,CO

02/19/2022 YepOk Frisco, CO

02/12/2022 Weasel & Friends Frisco, CO

01/29/2022 Rocky Mountain Guy & Jeff King, Frisco, CO

12/18/2021 Tumbledown Shack, Frisco, CO

12/04/21 - A-MAC @ Footes Rest Sweet Shoppe

11/28/21 - Loop Story @ Footes Rest Sweet Shoppe

11/13/21 - Dave Pitts @ Footes Rest Sweet Shoppe

10/29/21 - Frisco Funk Collective Red Carpet Experience @ 10 Mile Music Hall

10/29/21 - Dave Pitts @ Footes Rest Sweet Shoppe

10/23/21 - Bobby Blair @ Footes Rest Sweet Shoppe

10/16/21 - Steven Huntly w/ Rocky Mountain Guy @ Footes Rest Sweet Shoppe

10/10/21 - Dave Pitts @ Footes Rest Sweet Shoppe

10/3/21 - Dave Pitts @ Footes Rest Sweet Shoppe

9/26/21 - Bluegrass and Bloody's @ Footes Rest Sweet Shoppe

9/15/21 - Frisco Funk Fest @ Windy Point CampGround

8/27/21 - Desacore (opening for Govinda's early show) @ Your Mom's House 

8/8/21 - Shine Music Festival @ Levitt Pavilion Denver 

The right music has the power to heal, to cleanse, and to uplift your entire being. Music cannot be interpreted or put into words, which goes to show its complex and intricate nature. Music can only be felt and in feeling, it gets translated into thoughts and emotions. It permeates your entire body like pure energy and touches you like nothing else can. It is no wonder that people have used music for rejuvenation, expression and as a healing mechanism throughout the ages.

For over one billion people, or 15% of the world’s population, attending a live music event is impossible due to lack of accessibility. Existing venue infrastructures barely meet the ADA compliance standards and even then, only accommodate those with mobility issues. They typically have a few seats in the front row and limit the number of companions to one or two.

We decided that just isn’t enough.

In 2018, the Shine Music non-profit was created so that we could breakdown the barriers that would prevent people with any disability from not only attending but enjoying the day as much as anyone else. It’s hard to imagine, but an event like the Shine Music Festival has never happened anywhere in the world…until now.

On August 8, 2021, the Shine Music Festival was held at the Levitt Pavilion in Denver, CO. For over two years, the Shine team has worked with various organizations serving the disabled communities to create a space that would allow everyone to attend; a space where people of all abilities can come together and share in the amazing power of live music. The expansive 14,000 capacity venue, combined with our comprehensive accessibility plan, means everyone can enjoy the entire space together. 

11/18/20 - Skyless w/ Johnny Woods & Skvlly @YMH 

9/5-6/20 - Up In The Air 

Two safe days of (socially distanced) music, art & camping near one of the States largest Peaks, near Buena Vista, CO! ALL COVID-19 rules/regulations will be enforced such as (but not limited to): Facemasks Required, Hand Sanitation Stations, Social Distancing Required, Temperature Taken Upon Arrival. MUSIC LINE UP Featuring: Govinda Music & COFRESI w/ MIDIcinal, Melody Lines, Oomah, Since JulEYE, Autonomix, Future Joy, Kavsko, FORREST PUMP, The Buzz, Philip Giomassiv, Mark Hudson w/ Fleeb Keith Thomas, Skyless, Jonny Woods & Taylor Tuke Music and more! Chance of high winds. Please bring heavy duty stakes for your tent, easy-ups, etc. Bring your own drinkable water and reusable cup/Nalgene. As opposed to individual plastic bottles of water. Plastic Bottles of water will be allowed, but we are trying to reduce waste. This event will include: 2 days and nights of music, art and camping, 2 stages, silent disco, light show, LED screens, EMT and security team on site, porta potties, general store, good vibes, and great times! 

6/14-15/20 - Spa-Festival

An all inclusive socially distanced hot tub music and art festival where you get pampered with amazing food and drink selections, massage and reiki sessions, yoga workshops while you soak in hot tubs in different themed cottages at The Cliff House in The heart of Morrison CO. (June 14-15th) Featuring:  The Buzz, Ghost Town Drifters, Giomassive, Mark Hudson, Jeff B., Project Aspect, and MIDIcinal.